You want David Klein to be your mentor when searching for a home, the first time or the second time around. As a first time home buyer and now owner, David was excellent in holding my hand and walking me through the maze of paperwork, rules and regulations for not only a single family home but also alternatives I was considering such as a condo or TIC and so on (we visited a couple of those too!). Because David has such extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of real estate and has access to the most up to date information, I felt incredibly confident that I was in the right hands. David has a network of professionals ready to recommend for additional work on your house as well e.g. asbestos abatement, house inspector, iron gate welder-people he trusts. Even after my home purchase, David Klein stopped by himself to patch up a gap by the sliding glass doors and had an industry person come and buff a corner of the hardwood floors as a favor to him. David’s network of contacts doesn’t stop there-he is well known in the real estate world and because he knows and once mentored the seller’s agent, I feel that I had an edge to “winning” my first home.

- Patty J.

As the trustee of our Mother’s trust, I hired David Klein, to sell our family home which was being rented on Brussels in 2014. This property was rented to a long-term tenant. Because of this, I thought we would have a difficult time selling this property. It was decided to sell it “as is” with the tenants in place. David did a great job managing the showings and working with an uncooperative tenant following all applicable rental laws. He did a great job marketing the home and talking with the agents and the property was successfully sold “as is” with the tenants in palce in a relatively short marketing time with multiple offers and overbidding.Because he did such a great job with this property, I hired him to market our 3-unit building on Folsom Street, which is the home I grew up in. I live out of town and David made the process so easy for me going over and above anything I could have hoped for in terms of service. I am a licensed real estate appraiser and my husband is a retired realtor so we have had experience with many different realtors. David made multiple trips to the property for two months prior to listing it. The middle unit, my Mom’s, needed renovation and there was cosmetic work to be done on the other units as well. David referred me to contractors and trades persons who helped with the renovation getting the property ready for market. He referred me to Bret Husted of Prevention Inspection to renovate the middle unit and complete the dry rot repairs. I was completely satisfied with Bret’s services. David personally supervised the trades people, helped clean out the garage, picked out carpet and lights for me, going to the stores, consulting with sales persons, making selections and sending them to me for approval. I would have spent several months traveling back and forth from the East Bay to San Francisco if it had not been for David. David did a great job marketing the property. He recommended we price the home for “auction” and we obtained several offers, over list, in less than one week. The escrow went smoothly with David monitoring all aspects. I, as trustee, and my siblings, were all very satisfied with David’s work and the result of the sale and highly recommend him.

- Mary Maururi

David represented my husband and me when we bought our first home over 15 years ago. We are still living happily in the home we bought then, but it never would have happened without David’s advice and support. David educated us about the process, negotiated a good price and terms with the seller, found us a great loan, and identified various reliable, reasonably priced service providers (incl. the accountant we still use). Most important, David supported us emotionally. He helped us through the fears we had about taking such a big step, and provided practical suggestions and solutions to our specific concerns. I recommend David highly.

- Linda Z.

David helped me buy a house in San Francisco in a seller’s market. He educated me on the process and worked tirelessly on my behalf. David knows his business, is a lot of fun to work with, and goes the extra mile for his clients. I loved working with him, would definitely use him again, and would highly recommend him to others.

- Karen M.

David Klein handled my purchase of my San Francisco home with care and professionalism. He was able to get the seller to come down on the price when he found a flaw in the pest report. He helped me through the process of buying this first home purchase, and then guided me initially on a second home purchase in another part of the state. I highly recommend David Klein as a real estate agent. He is very personable, too.

- JJ H.

I called David Klein and wanted to set up an appointment on when, where, and how to start looking for a place. He talked me through the first basic points. First off I was to get a pre-approved loan from a bank. Second make a list of houses in the area one wishes to live in. Third make sure the house fits in the means of the loan. We searched for a total of two weekends and to my surprise we hit the jackpot on the last day. One very important question David K kept in mind was “Do you see yourself living in this house.”Throughout the whole process David K was very informative and professional. Being a real estate agent from San Francisco he was willing enough to help me find my house in Hayward. He went out of his way to show houses in an area he was not familiar with. But that doesn’t stop a real estate agent. He knew the housing market and we where able to negotiate the price down to what I was comfortable with. Not only that but I walked into this house with equity and it was not even under my name yet! David K is no smoke and mirrors. Way down to earth. He is the real deal and will get you a great deal.Once I’m ready to sell this house I know who I’m calling.

- David P.